Message from President

It is a great honor and indeed a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to work with you for the better future of our medical profession and alliances. It is our duty to be united and share our information, knowledge, and experience to prevent and find proper solutions to overcome the risks of existing ENT diseases and illnesses. As President, it is my privilege and pleasure to continue to see that the ORLHNSBD achieves its goals and satisfy its mission statement.

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Message from General Secretary

I am very happy to know that Society of Otolaryngologists & Head-neck Surgeons of Bangladesh (ORLHNSB) is going to up date its website. ORLHNSB is one of the oldest professional societies in Bangladesh.Since its inception society is playing pioneer role in introducing, popularizing & disseminating new innovations, world-class techniques, hands on training among the otolaryngologists & head neck surgeons of Bangladesh. Thus rendering pivotal role in producing quality Otolaryngologists & Head-Neck surgeons for Bangladesh.

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Welcome to Society of Otolaryngologists and Head Neck Surgeons of Bangladesh

All over the world Otolaryngology as a specialty has progressed very rapidly during the later half of the last century specially during the last quarter. Similar is the case with Bangladesh . But as usual wave of the development has reached Bangladesh rather later than other parts of the world. As a result at the time of liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 there only a few ENT specialists engaged mostly in traditional ENT works and now this specialty as expanded tremendously with very good number of young and bright boys coming into the field. In Bangladesh, now the whole lot of Head Neck Surgeries and Micro-ear Surgeries are being done routinely in many institutes and even in private clinics.

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