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Second Oldest ENT Setup of The Country: 
ENT department of Chittagong Medical College Hospital is the second oldest ENT setup of the country. It started functioning in 1959 when Prof. AM Khan Majlish joined there as an Associate Professor. At first the department was stationed at Chittagong General Hospital with~16 Beds. In 1969 it was shifted to present Chtttagong Medical College Hospital at Panchlaish having fifty four beds.

Other Old ENT Setups of The Country: 
ENT department of Sir Salimullah Medical College and Milford Hospital is another OLO ENT setup of the country, In 1964 it was in rudimentary state when Prof. A M Khan Majlish being transferred Chittagong joined the department. There was 8 Beds (4 Male and 4 Female) housed in septic Eye ward. Subsequently the Bed number was increased to 18. In 1983 the ENT department was shifted to present Building with forty Beds.

ENT department of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital is another aLP ENT setup of the country. In 1965 it started functioningwith guest lecturers from Dhaka . In 1966 Prof. Shahabul Hoque DLO of Punjab joined the department. In 1969 Prof. Anwarul Abedin Joined there.

ENT department of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital is another OLO ENT setup of the country. In 1967 Prof. Lutfar Rahman Chowdhury DLO joined the department .

ENT Specialists of Early Days: 
In 1948: Just After Independence of Indo-Pak Subcontinent Professor ZA Chowdhury was the first ENT Surgeon of the country with FRCS. He was the Surgeon In Charge and Professor of ENT in Dh<:lka Medical college Hospital , Dhaka in the then East Pakistan In1948.

In 1950's: Professor AM Khan Majlish DLO ( London ) came back to country in late fifties.

Otorhinolaryngology in Bangladesh : Historical BackQround MA Majed & MAH Joarder

In Early 1960's: Prof. Ali Afzal Khan FRCS (Edin), DLO ( London ) returned to Dhaka . Prof. M. Jalisi FRCS (Edin), DLO( London ) start.3d ENT carrier in Chittagong Medical College .

In Mid sixties: Prof Shahabul Hoque DLO started ENT work in Rajshahi Medical College .

In late sixties: Prof. M N Amin FRCS (Edin). OLO ( London ) returned home & started working in Chittagong Medical Cojege. Dr. Anwarul Abedin DLO ( London ) also returned home and started ENT work in Rajshahi Medical CQllege. Dr. Lutfar Rahman chowdhury OLO also started ENT practice in Mymensingh Medicall:)ollege.

In 1971: Prof. M A Maj~d FRCS ( Eng. ), DLO ( London ) came back to Dhaka .

Immediately after the Liberation of Bangladesh in early 1972 :

DMCH : Prof. Ali Afzal Khan.
CMCH : Prof. M N Amin.
SSMC&MH : Prof A M Khan Majlish 
RMCH : Dr. Anwarul Abedin
MMCH : Dr. Lutfar Rahman Chow.

At the end of 1972 
IPGM &R : Prof-Ali Afzal Khan
OMCH : Prof. M A Majed

Dimension of Work In 1972, . Routine ENT Surgery like Tonsillectomy, S.M.R, Polypectomy, Maxillectomy. Mastoidectomy etc. were the common surgeries during 1972. Major bulk of surgical works were done in Chitta gong Medical College by or under supervision of Prof. M N Amin.

Head-Neck Surgery In 1972 :
Total & Partial Laryngectomy was started at Dhaka Medical College Hospital in 1972. Because of rehabilitation problem after laryngectomy this surgery did not gain momentum.

Momentum In Head Neck Surgery In Mid 80's:
Due to Enthusiasms of the then younger surgeons like Prof. M Alauddin and Prof. Abdullah AI Haroon (who are now pretty Senior) and with the introduction of rehabilitation program after total laryngectomy the Head Neck Surgery gained momentum in mid 80's and still continuing with full force. Now many young Surgeons are doing Head Neck Surgery successfully. The Horizon of ENT field has expanded tremendously during the recent years. FOL & FESS are being done as a routine procedure in many centers.

Manpower In 2003
The total Number of ENT surgeons in the whole country are two hundred and fifty seven. Most of them are engaged in Cities and Medical College Hospitals . ENT surgeons are posted in 44 Districts whereas in 20 Districts no ENT specialists are available.

Audiological Facilities:
In 1972 audiological facility was non-existent both in Government & Private sector. In 1980's HICAAE, a Private organization started audiological testing and rehabilitation. Another private organization named as Uton Hearing center started Audiometry. In Dhaka Medical College Hospital audiological works were done sporadically. In 90's National Centerfor Hearing & Speech for Children of SAHIC at Mohakhali, Dhaka started audiology service In a larger scale. Nowadays many private centers 

Development of Audiology:
At the time of liberation there was no audiology unit and auditory rehabilitation program in Bangladesh . There were few centers in the country which were known as deaf & dumb school, and in Dhaka it was located near the Asad Gate which was later shifted to its present location in Bijoy Nagar building. But these schools were mostly engaged in teaching the boys & girls different trades like tailoring etc and looked after the general health by engaging them in different sports & games. The author tried to convince the organizers including the then Honorable Health Minister about the importance of utilizing the residual hearing in rehabilitating the affected children physiologically to learn to talk but it was in vain. Prof. Majed even wrote articles in national daily's. Fortunately at that time he came across a very influential lady, an advocate and perhaps an MP named Mrs. Azra Ali wife of Mr. K. Au whose daughter had significant hearing loss and undeveloped speech. This girl was fitted with hearing aid and auditory trainer which they could afford. Ultimately the girl went to UK and now leading a normal life. 

And another influential person rrof. Majed came across whose name was Mr. Shamsul Huq whose son was similarly affected. The boy was rightly advised and now leading a norm life after treatment in Bangladesh and UK . Subseauently by the personal effort of Mr. Shamsul Huq and Mrs. Azra All with Prof. Majed's technical guidance an InstitutiQn was started in the name of HICARE which is now r useful service to the people. Later on by the active support of Mr. Yamin whose daughter was similarly affected and mariaged both in Bangladesh & In UK & now leading a useful life, HICARE was enriched Liton

We would like to congratulate all of them specially Prof. M. N. Amin whose relentless efforts has made it possible to come into being a most modern and comprehensive huge establishment like SAHIC. Now we have two senior ENT specialists with post graduate qualification in Audiology- Prof. Pran Gopal Datla and Prof. M A Quadir. Having said all these we would like to mention that for a country like Bangladesh with a population more than 140 million many more SAHICs, HICAREs and qualified audiologists are required.

Society of Otolaryngologists & Head Neck Surgeons of Bangladesh :
The society started its activity in 1979 as an Adhoc Committee with Prof AM Khan Majlish as the President and Prof. Abdullah A Haroon as General Secretary worked up to 1980. The tenure of first regular committee was 1981-82, and Prof. Ali Afzal Khan and Prof. Chowdhury Mosharaf Hossain worked as President and General Secretary respectively.