Programme Overview of 5th International Conference

COX’S BAZAR (22ND-24TH DEC. 2014)

21ST Dec. 2014 (Sunday): Start for Cox’s Bazar by bus from: 1.Dhaka at 09:00pm (Arambag Opposite Notre Dame College), 2. Comilla: Offbeat Resturant, Chauddagram (12:00am).

Start from Chittagong: Chittagong Medical College campus(07:00am, 22th Dec. 2014)


DAY - 1

22nd Dec. 2014 (Monday)

07:30 am:                         Breakfast in Inani Resort, Chokoria 

10:00 am:                         Check in HOTEL SEAGULL, Cox’s Bazar

01:30 pm:                         Lunch in Hotel Seagull and Kit Collection (For members outside          Dhaka)


5:30 pm - 06:00pm          Inaugural session

                                          Venue:  Conference Hall 1(Parabar), 1st floor


6:00pm – 6:10pm            We Memorize Young Specialists Passed Away Recently

 Speaker:                           Dr. Sheikh Hasanur Rahman


6:10 pm – 7:30 pm          Scientific session: Conference Hall1(Parabar): 1st floor

      (Fifteen minutes for presentation of each speaker)

Chairman Persons:            Prof. Md. Asadul Haque Khan

                                          Prof. Nilakanta Bhattacharjee

Co-Chairman:                   Prof. Abrar Ahmad

                                          Prof. Md. Zillur Rahman

Rapporteur:                      Dr. Md. Arif Murshed Khan


Speakers :           

  1. Mr M Shahed Quraishi- The ENT Masterclass Story
  2. Prof. GM Shahiduddin Ahmed- 44 years journey of a default ENT Surgeon
  3. Prof. Mohammad Abdullah- The National Institute- A dream to a reality
  4. Prof. Kamrul Hassan Tarafder - Current thinking on tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  5. Md. Mazharul Shaheen – Scientific Writing: An overview


8:00 pm:  Cultural Show and Dinner

                 Venue:  Conference Hall 1(Parabar), 1st floor and Pool side, Hotel Seagull.










23rd Dec, 2014 (Tuesday)

Venue:  Conference Hall 1(Parabar) and Hall 2 (Baridhi), Hotel Seagull, Cox’s Bazar


7:00am-8:00am:                  Breakfast


8:30am – 10:00am           Plenary Session (Otology): Hall 1 (Parabar), 1st floor

       (Twelve minutes for presentation of each speaker)


Chairman Persons:            Prof. Md. Abul Hasnat Joarder

                                          Prof. Firoz Ahmed Khan

Co-Chairman:                   Dr. Mostafa Mahfuz Anwar

                                          Dr. AHM Zahurul Huq

Rapporteur:                       Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam Munna


Speakers :     

  1. Mr. Jayant Mangilal Dugar- Bone Anchored Hearing Aids- Principles
  2. Prof. Md Ashraful Islam- Use of buccal mucosal graft following canal wall down mastoidectomy: a study of 35 ears
  3. Md Delwar Hossain- Ossiculoplasty in tympanomastoidectomy- our experiences
  4. Prof. J.M.Hans - Minimally invasive technique of cochlear implant
  5. Mr. Jayant Mangilal Dugar- Stapes surgery- principles and practices
  6. Mr. Prem Ranjan- Childhood cochlear implant


10:00am -11:00am          Plenary Session (Rhinology): Hall 1 (Parabar), 1st floor

                            (Twelve minutes for presentation of each speaker)

Chairpersons:                    Prof. Kamrul Hassan Tarafder

                                          Prof. Nizamuuddin Faruque

Co-Chairman:                   Dr. S.K. Ballav

                                          Dr. Mohd. Akhteruzzaman

Rapporteur:                       Dr. Kamol Krishna Pramanik


  1. Prof S M Khorshed Alam Mazumder- Obstructive sleep apnoea
  2. M A Matin- Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty- results of 40 cases
  3. Mohammad Wahidul Islam( Prince)- Maxillofacial reconstruction
  1. Sheikh Hasanur Rahman- Endonasal endoscopic management of anterior and central skull base disorders

11:15 am – 12:25 pm       Plenary session (Head and Neck): Hall 1 (Parabar), 1st floor

         (Twelve minutes for presentation of each speaker)


Chairman                          Prof. Khabiruddin Ahmed

                                          Prof. Harunur Rashid (Sylhet)

Co-chairman                     Dr Mir Hasan Shaheel Mahmood

                                          DR. Ashfaquzzaman Sikder

Rapporteur:                       Dr. Sheikh Muniruddin Ahmed                      


  1. Mr M Shahed Quraishi - Minimal access, day case parathyroid surgery
  2. Professor Md. Zillur Rahman- Endoscopy assisted neck surgery
  3. Sheikh Hasanur Rahman- Management of laryngotracheal stenosis
  4. Mr M Shahed Quraishi- Surgical management of thyrotoxocisis
  5. Mohammad Habibur Rahman - Medialisation thyroplasty in the management of unilateral vocal cord paralysis 


12:30 pm - 01:20 pm      Free paper session (Head-Neck): Hall 1(Parabar), 1st floor

    (Seven minutes for presentation of each speaker)


Chairman                          Brig. Gen. Md. Rafiquzzaman

                                          Prof. M A Gaffar


Co-chairman                     Prof. Md. Abu Yusuf Fakir

                                          Dr. DGM Akaiduzzaman

Rapporteur                        Dr. Kyaw Khin U


  1. M A Matin - Three rare case reports in otolaryngology
  2. Husne Qumer Osmany- Reconstructive surgery in extensive head-neck malignancy: preliminary experience from dhaka medical college.
  3. Prof Md. Abu Hanif- Carcinoma base of the tongue - excision through paramedian mandibulotomy approach - a case report
  4. MM Moniruzzaman- Chylocele in  the neck –a case report
  5. Md. Golam Sarwar- Kikuchi’s lymphadenitis:  a recurret case of kfd detected in Bangladesh
  6. Md. Abdus Sattar - Management of chylous fistula after neck dissection.
  7. S.K. Ballav- Emergencies in ENT Practice.


12:30pm-01:10pm         Free paper session (Otology): Hall 2 (Baridhi), Ground floor

      (Seven minutes for presentation of each speaker)

Chairman                          Prof. Md. Abdul Alim

                                          Prof. Md. Monwar Hossain

Co-chairman                     Dr. Golam Muktadir

                                          Dr. M A Matin

                                          Prof. Md. Daulatuzzaman

Rapporteur                        Dr. Md. Sahbub Alam


  1. Md. Delwar Hossain- Cochlear implant programme in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh - An overview
  2. Lt. Col. Md. DelwarHossain- Latest development in cochlear implant program in Bangladesh Armed Forces
  3. Prof. Monzurul Alam- Comparison between endoscopic and microscopic tympanoplasty
  4. Lt. Col. Md. Delwar Hossain- Surgical findings and audiological outcomes of stapedotomy
  5. Mohammad Habibur Rahman-  Transmastoid Drainage of Temporal Lobe Abscess- A case report
  6. Md. Zahidul Islam- Foreign body in ENT Practice at Upazilla Health Complex- Scope and challenges in Bangladesh.

1:20pm-2:10pm             Lunch and Prayer

2:15pm-03:20pm           Free paper session (Rhinology): Hall 1 (Parabar), 1st floor

      (Seven minutes for presentation of each speaker)


Chairman                          Prof. Khorshed Alam Majumder

                                          Dr. Hasan Saydee Khan

Co-chairman                     Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman

                                          Prof. Saiyeed Sadatul Afsar Al-Mahmood Sadi

Rapporteur                        Dr. Sk. Nurul Fattah Rumi


  1. Prof. Md. Monwar Hossain- Bilateral nasolabial cyst
  2. Khabiruddin Ahmed- An unusual foreign body nose
  3. ASM Lutfur Rahman- Frontoethmoidal  mucocele—a case report
  4. M A Matin- Endoscopic partial inferior turbinectomy: a comparison with laser and coblation turbinoplasty
  5. Akhil Chandra Biswas- Midfacial degloving approach (MDFA) to manage a case of multiple fracture of mid face skeleton with significant external deformity
  6. Md. Zahidul Islam- synchronous bilateral parotid & nasopharyngeal  Warthin’s tumour – a case report
  7. Muhammad  Rafiqul Islam- Rhinoentomophthoromycosis- a case report.

2:15pm-03:30pm          Free paper session (Head-Neck): Hall 2 (Baridhi), Ground floor

    (Seven minutes for presentation of each speaker)


Chairman                          Prof. Md. Ashraful Islam

                                          Prof. Md. Monzurul Alam

                                          Prof. M. Alamgir Chowdhury

Co-chairman                     Dr. Muzibul Haque Khan

                                          Dr. ABM Khorshed Alam

Rapporteur                        Dr. Md. Manjur Rahim/ Dr. Hasan Zafor Rifat



  1. Kazi Atikuzzaman- Parotid surgery for benign disease: common morbidities
  2. Md. kamruzzaman- Parotidectomy: experience in khulna medical college hospital
  3. Mazharul Alam Siddique-  Facial nerve palsy in parotid surgery: our experience in mymensingh medical college hospital, Bangladesh
  4. Md. Abdus Sattar - Distribution of parathyroid pathology in BSMMU
  5.  Md. Zakaria Sarker - Parapharyngeal space mass- a diagnostic dilemma
  6. Md Abul Hossain- Vocal cord schwannoma - a case report
  7. Mohammad Rokan uddin Bhuiyan- Frequency of lymph node metastasis in supraglottic carcinoma of larynx
  8. Muntasir Mahbub- Thyroid surgery in Shaheed Suhrawardi Medical College Hospital


7:00pm-10:00pm:           Cultural Show, Banquet and Raffle draw

Venue:  Conference Hall 1(Parabar), Hotel Seagull



DAY 3: 24thDec, 2014 (Tuesday)

6:00am:        Start for St. Martin (Breakfast in Bus)- By Bus and MV KUTUBDIA

12:30pm:     Mezban Lunch in HOTEL BLUE MOON, St. Martin.

3:00pm:       MV KUTUBDIA will start for Teknaf

9:00pm:      Check in Hotel Seagull

9:30pm:      Dinner in Hotel Seagull



7:00am-8:00am:        Breakfast

8:30am:                      Start for Dhaka

1:00pm-1:30pm        Lunch at Hotel Meridian, GEC Chittagong.